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Re: Harry Potter the Musical? Watch it or Not?

Originally Posted by skullangel View Post
You're quite right and on-to something about this... Now that I think back to school, musicals often work right when a character expressing something... Music alows a character to express inner emitions, like singing a melancholy love song for ginny about the monster in his chest or how they would have to break up... Whatever... In fact I am starting to become a believer... With the right music and songs... Maybe it isnt so Horrific if they patterend it to High School musical... But not cheesy and gay... Maybe a lot like Phantom of the Opera or Moulin Rouge or even Chicago.
I'm glad that I am making a believer out of you
In all honesty I was really sad when I didn't think anyone was responding because I have so much enthusiasm for this topic while others seem to... ignore it
I think it would be neat if some people who knew how to do these things (write music, choreograph/block theater, act, design props, write etc.) got together and just made a sample of an HP musical. A single scene in one of the books that was reworked and recorded. I think it would be neat to see HP fanfilms. God knows, I watch so many Star Trek fan-films I'm starting to get a headache it might be nice to see something different for a change.
I'm moving to Vancouver soon and I know a few talented people myself. I might see if I can coerce ummm... I mean implore them for help. It would be a big job, but I think I may be able to find people who are just as enthusiastic as myself.
lol, I just had an image in my head of Snape going around the castle singing "When You're Evil" by Voltaire! Hahahaha! I would never do that, but it is quite amusing... in my mind anyways. (Tripping McGonagall down the stairs XD I swear, I really do love her, it just fits the song is all!)
That Dark Mark musical sounds interesting! Kudos to you!


"I suspect Nargles."

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