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Re: Movie mistakes

Originally Posted by LoonyMagic View Post
Oooh, I haven't ever noticed that. This reminds me of the one often spoken about on MuggleCast - in the Room of Requirement you can see a camera man in focus, in the reflection from the mirrors. I would have thought they'd notice it and edit it out. They didn't even edit it for the DVD.
I do not understand that. How come they do not cut that part out? I have never noticed hermione mouthing lines, but that part has to be cut out....

I have never noticed harry's scar disappearing or moving, the only time I paid attention was in POA the boggart scene, but that was filmed from a mirror, so the scar would be on the other side.

I do not know if this is a mistake or not... but in PS, when Hagrid tells Harry how Voldemort killed his parents, there is a scene where Lily is holding Harry in her arms, and I could clearly see a lamp hanging from the ceiling... I thought wizards did not use electricity. The house looked too muggle!!! well, maybe the Potters were just modern wizards.....

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