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Re: Funniest lines in the films?

Ron: "The spiders...they want me to tap dance. I don't want to tap dance...!"
Harry: "You tell those spiders, Ron."
Haha, gets me every time.

Ron: "You're going to suffer, but you're going to be...happy about it." Or something like that. I laughed at that part.

In the beginning when Hermione comes into the room where Harry and Ron are sleeping. She wakes up Ron and he goes, "Bloody hell..." when Hermione wakes him up. It was really funny to me, but maybe it's because I have a weird sense of humor.

Moody: *mumbling* "Stupid ceiling..."

Also, I laughed like a maniac when Durmstrang entered the hall. The guy break dancing was just hilarious.

Cedric:"How are you?"
Harry: "Spectacular..."
HAHA, I love Daniel Radcliffe's delivery. Priceless.

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