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Re: Funniest lines in the films?

I think someone must've already said this one but in Ootp, when Umbridge is beign attacked by the dementorsand she asks Harry to tell tem she is not mean or something along those line and harry goes:" I must not tell lies Professor"

Originally Posted by Sussudio View Post
*lol* Definitely! He leans in, kinda whispers and looks akward, says something like, "It's not a bad place for a bath" - I never would've understood that, I would've thought he was just telling me something random, like, tea is a nice drink.... *lol*

But just thinking, how did Moody word it to Cedric when he told him? *lol*
LOL! I had forgotten about that part it does sound weird the way Cedric says that line, the people that read the book knew what it was all about but imagine the people who only watch the movies !
ome of the funniest line are not even funny on purpose it's just that they're bad or weird or something like that.

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