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Re: The next Harry Potter Remake

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
So, I've been thinking. Harry Potter will be remade, no doubt about it. So I thought, what would the script be like? It would have to be differrent. So I tried, myself, making a script for PS. It's a VERY early draft (It includes everything) and only covers the first two chapters and abit of the third.

So when there is a remake, would this be a contender?
I actually think you open the movie in a much more intriguing way than Columbus. I loved the Uncle Vernon tie shot. You have imagination as a screenwriter.

But: I do think you should cut mercilessly. At some points it seems like you're taking it chapter by chapter. I recommend that you look at the story as a whole and go from there. Also: don't hesitate to deviate from the plot. I think you'll have more fun if you do.

But all in all, good work. It was very well-formatted.

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