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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by ParanoidAndroid View Post
This is my least favourite part of the movie. It's boring, poorly shot and it kills the pace of the movie (well everything from the latter part of the Yule Ball to finding Crouch dead). If you think about it, this task is not even really needed. It's only there because it needed to be 3 tasks, and it's in the book.

Also, I thought the underwater effects were questionable.
I agree. This whole stretch of the film feels crude, from art direction, to acting, the music, it's all so drab and boring. They should have changed this task or cut it all together, because all it does is reinforce that Harry is brave and tends to act the hero, and that Moody wants him to win. It's this sort of loyalty to the book, seemingly because no-one could be bothered/was willing to risk changing the narrative in any drastic way, that stops the films becoming truly great (POA excepted). Alfonso's streamlined approach is sorely needed for this film.

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