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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 19: The Second Task (Part 2)

A lot of good things in the second half of the second task but for me it really sort of felt...well not all that well together. I love certain things like how Krum and Cedric just shows up Harry at rescuing those who were taken from them. Cedric just shows how great Hufflepuffs could be and being a great human being with the simple gesture of telling Potter to hurry up. I've never really seen Cedric as a capable person, even in the GoF book because it's always been about Harry. But seeing him in the movie and with recent knowledge of the studies post-4th year, it really makes sense that Cedric is Hogwarts Champion for a reason; he's a good wizard.

The dolls used for the captors looked bad but it worked so well in making them look dead or near death. I do have to say the Cho Chang one looked the fakest of them all. We are introduced to other things which I missed before, such as Fake!Moody pacing around keeping an eye on Potter as instructed by Dumbledore (something that we've all forgotten by now) and keeping an eye on him as intructed by Voldemort.

However there are plenty of things wrong with this scene. Wasteful sequences like telling Crouch to go downstairs with him which IMHO just makes you think why would you need a scene to show someone going down the stairs let alone announce it? Secondly, not really a canon matter but more of a consistency matter; we have Dumbledore who is seemingly acting like a judge along with Crouch Sr. However isn't it just a bit unfair in general to have Dumbledore as a judge when it's clear that the other headmaster and headmistress are not? Kakaroff's expression was cleary of surprise at the decision whereas Dumbledore, once again being super combined with Ludo Bagman announces the results.

Other thing is even though I love the grindelow attack, which was just exciting; what's with Harry's sudden spurt out of the water (which mind you does a great sort of echo of his flipper flip earlier) via magic? Once again it's not a canon thing, but it just seemed more of a plot device to make Harry look more skilled than he really is. There's nothing wrong with that as seen with the First task, but like Hermione said Harry barely got past the first task. Excuse the pun, but Harry shouldn't be shown nearly blowing the competition out of the water.

It certainly ends better than the First Task but once again there are certain elements that kind of make this portion plod along not because of filler but with just poorly conceived scenes.

Things of Note
  • Music used in the scene: Track 15: The Black Lake.
    Music Cue list greatly supplied by The Harry Potter Lexicon

  • Draco is seen hitting the kid beside him (mebbe a 1st year) 2 times. Nice to see him up to his evil ways again.

  • The Grindelow attack and the following counterattack by Harry really reminds me of how Hermione stopped the pixies in CoS. It certainly had that very same feeling with multiple CGI bodies flying through the air.

  • Cedric uses a spell without even speaking It's great in the idea that HBP introduced non-verbal spells in the first place (or at least the ability to learn them). HBP kind of put the film into perspective that you have to be pretty skilled to pull off a non-verbal spell with the same power of a verbally shot one.

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