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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

I am actually quite happy with GoF. I find the movie much better then PoA. I do agree about Emma's acting in this one, though. It's horrible. Something happened to her in this movie, because she is much better in every other HP-movie, both before and after this one.

I do think Dan is great here, though. He's getting grumpier, almost at the OotP-level. His suspicous "And what is that supposed to mean?" is almost too grumpy. And I really like his grin after Hermione's "he's more of a physical person".

I have no trouble with the dream either. Harry did have several dreams in GoF, so this is just following canon. More or less, at least. You are right, though, about the egg. In the book, Harry holds the egg in one hand - this egg seems too big for that.

My biggest problem with all of these scenes are the erotic undertones from Moaning Myrtle. I would say that Harry - not to mention Dan! - is too young for that. Especially when you know that the woman playing M.M. is over 30-years old.

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