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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
From the beginning we get have Harry get a flashback to his dream again. Why it's needed, it's beyond me, in fact it's these sort of things that really sort of bring the movie down as an actual movie and more of an attempt at What I mean by that is why even bother showing the Riddle Grave having snow (since it's....DUM DUM DUM...WINTER!) when all you are going to do is just repeat the same dream sequence that happened before the beginning of the school year? I mean yeah, it's great that there was some attempt to foreshadow Voldemort's plans for Harry or his motivation to kill him since parallells are being drawn between Harry's planned death with Frank's. However why even bother showing the progression of time in one place only to not show it later in the same scene?

You could argue that "Hey they did show it by showing Voldemort's advancing his plans to anticipate Harry arriving," but that's more symbolic than a linear time progression. It was an attempt to make something meaningful but instead it just looked pretty lame. A good note is that Harry's eyes flashed green for a moment after he woke up from the AK attack.
I sort of agree with you. I understand why the filmmakers wanted to include a dream sequence here, but I don't understand why they chose to repeat the first dream. They needed to remind the movie audience about the imminent threat of Voldemort and his plan. However, they should have used a different dream instead of rehashing the first. They could have included the one where Harry flies on the owl (is it an owl? I forget) to at least spice it up a little.

I do have to say that I loved Neville's entrance into the dorm. It was very sweet.
Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
So we have a shot of the bridge, which is kind of an eye-opener for me because after seeing OoTP; I always consider that film to have a lot of homages/references to previous HP films. In this case you get to see a simliar opening shot of the bridge when Lupin had his talk with Harry all the way back in PoA Chp 12: Talent for Trouble (FYI, Yes my livejournal is updated a bit to include previous chapter posts). I guess in this case they are going to draw parallells with Hermione being the caring person like Lupin.

I'm beginning to wonder why I like this movie to begin with. Watson manages to mangle another moment (I likes my alliteration). Aside it from being a semi-sweet H/Hr moment which obviously might lead many people to ship that movie-wise. Watson just destroys this scene for me. It's laughable really but for some reason when she plays relaxed Hermione she's far better than worry. Really I think she has to take acting lessons from Grint on how to do a proper worry face. As much as I do hate how she just eyePLOWs* through this scene. I do like how she acts in the happier times. Radcliffe...does moderately alright. Someone really should remind him that acting poorly does not equate emoting nervousness and tension. And fix that smile, you're grimacing again.
For me this scene really just reminds me why I don't like this movie. Bad characterization, poor writing, poor directing, and really bad acting. Let's start with the characterization (which ties into the writing). The first few lines are okay. Hermione badgering Harry about the egg is very in character, then it starts to go down hill. "He's not particularly loquacious". Does any 15-year-old girl talk like that? Even Hermione, who speaks more properly than the boys, still talks talks like a normal person (except when she's quoting textbooks). Then we have a huge switch of tone from teasing immediately to mothering. Now Hermione does mother Harry in the books, but she mostly tells him what to do or tells him off. She does worry a lot, but "I'm scared for you" is just a horrible line. It seems too personal for Hermione; she rarely talks about her feelings, especially to Harry. Her feelings are shown much more in her expressions and actions than in her dialog. I would have preferred a worried look and her giving him advice, telling him to go to the library, offering useful suggestions, etc. And the "almost cruel" line just makes me want to hit Kloves (though I often want to hit him ).

All of these bad lines are just made worse by Emma's horrible delivery and Dan's reactions. Emma over-emotes and Dan is wooden. It's like the two opposite sides of bad acting, and we are fortunate enough to witness both in one scene.

The direction is plain and uninspired. Mike Newell also should have told Emma to tone it down. Her acting in GOF is a huge step back from COS and POA, and Newell did nothing to stop her from falling. She was better in OOTP; she still had a few cringe-worthy scenes, but she had a couple of decent deliveries, and the rest was just bearable. I'm hoping her better scenes in OOTP were towards the end of shooting, and that David Yates will continue to push her for a better performance. If not, then I am already dreading the bird-attack scene and any scene where she gets angry at Harry about the potions book. At least Hermione is not worrisome in HBP. Emma seems to be at her worst when she has serious dialog or when she's supposed to be angry.
Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
The actual design of the prefect's bathroom is not what I imagined. In fact it's totally off. I imagined it to be a bit less grandiose or non-functional with taps all around the border of the pool, and not just some huge fountain at the end. It's almost like a return to Columbus' films where they seem very nice but also very plain. I never thought much of it but until the stain merwoman glass window actually moved, I began to think this place more akin to a church than a bathroom. The fountain of different taps just kinda of emphasized the monolithic structures and statues of some churches IMHO.
It's funny because the Prefect's bathroom looked very close to how I imagined it. I was happy with this set design. I liked the water spouts in particular.
Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
I don't know what to say about Henderson's bit part in this sequence. Once again apparently ghost physics are uninspired but it's nice to see some bit of consistency of her character is retained from CoS. I really do miss her matter of fact way of talking to Harry about her ventures through the plumbing and far too much sexual innuendo for my taste, not because it's supposed to be a more kid friendly product, but it's just stupid really. Despite the childish and even immature jokes, she did play her part to a tee. I do like the fact that they are so audacious for doing something like that, I love just utter complete nuttery like that.

I should mention one thing. I was always under the assumption that the Golden Egg was far smaller. I mean about the size of a big fist, not the size of Harry's head. I guess it had to represent the size of a dragon's egg, but the goF American Cover has always sort of influenced how I saw the egg as just something that fit right into the palm of Harry's hand.
This scene is alright. The time right before the second task is always my least favorite part to read in the book. I don't think that the sexual innuendo is too much. The only thing that kind of makes it creepy is that Henderson is like 40-years-old. There was also some innuendo in the book, not as much, but it's there. I pictured the egg to be that size. It is a dragon's egg, and we did see the size of Norbert's egg in SS/PS.
Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
So we come to the library of which I feel was nearly the most complete waste of a library scene ever in the entire series. I mean it's more ambitious than what Columbus attempted, but even Columbus had some direction with it. Even with his way of shooting, it still looked decent enough. Cuaron would have made it look as dynamic as possible while still maintaining a focus on the trio yet making the background as active as the Trio, but Newall just messes it up IMHO. It's like he's trying to pull a Cuaron but it's composed so poorly, you don't fight to see what's going on with either the Trio or background, you fight have any sort of concentration within the scene. It's like there's an missing X-factor from this scene that would have made it great cinematically but once again (like the previously mentioned dream sequence) it fails and looks like an amateur mess. Why isn't it a complete waste? Because out of all the library scenes I feel the design for the books is the most varied. It's nice to just stare at it when you get a chance here and there, but otherwise between Radcliffe's robotic replies*** and Watson's acting coupled with exposition; you could write this entire scene off. Gleeson's invovlement was completely toned down which I like because by comparison to the Trio, he's a breath of fresh air.
I agree with you about everything in the scene. It's essentially pointless. If they were going to include a library scene at least have them doing something other then Hermione saying the mermaid song again. I prefer the look of the library here than in the other movies. However, as you mentioned, they do nothing to make use of the set.
Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
I do have to say that Ron get's no lines in this chapter. No lines. Oh wait he's ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
I feel this scene could have benefited from Rupert having lines. Dan and Emma don't play well off each other (while acting). They both act better with Rupert. Had they been talking (all three) while perusing books it would have given more energy to the scene and added something to the non-character that is movie!Ron (OOTP aside, as he was a real character in that film, though underused).

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