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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

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Clear emphasis here. I actually like this scene in the idea as to how close they managed to show Ron and Hermione to be without having to do something cliche as to show their awkward love for each other. As much as I love the awkward non-hugs, the accidental hand-touches, the miscommunications of closnessesslessness and hamming it up of various pain sensations of the leg and the abandonment of said appendage(s); I really consider this scene to be more of a genuine R/Hr moment than most others. On the surface it just seems that poor Hermione is being forced by Ron to help Harry through a telephone network of advice...but what I personally see is just two close people bickering realistically and being closer to each other without seeming to be just friends. It's like they are a real couple, walking together, talking together, no hollywood garbage of forced on the spot conflict and presenting something that isn't exactly the most natural of human nature, but a welcome alternative to what we're used to.

Once again the problem I found is how muddy the light is in this shot. It might be just my monitor, but in general it looks pretty dark. Once again this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does some representative of an overcast sky; but it's almost too dark at times. It does make me wonder if the contrast was upped a bit further when Newall shoots outdoor scenes because in general the black and shadows really seem to stand out in his shooting style.

In an added note, I do love how Neville's book looks like. It's a shame that we don't get to see many text or even examples of school work in this installment because it's always neat to see the interpretation of certain text at times. What I love the most is how the cover looks like pressed sea-weed, something, aside from PoA's Monster Book of Monsters, we hardly see in the Potterverse literary section. We hardly get to see certain books that don't look like every other single book in the library.

So now we have the only instance of Harry's invisibility cloak for this installment. A little bit of exposition on being James' cloak...nothing too bad. However I've always thought how the dragons were presented were a bit uneventful. It's always been one of the things that stuck in my mind, whereas the shot of it once again shows how more of a from the ground/documentary feeling Newall is trying to get, where we actually get to see from a distance these dragons as Harry and Hagrid would; it still lacks a certain umph of Harry's shock towards seeing them. Granted Radcliffe does his best to show the danger of them through his own shock, but he doesn't entirely sell it. As much as I like the creatures, the way they were presented almost made them look like animatronic puppets than live CG characters. However overall it was pretty good.

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