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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Maybe that's my bad, but I assumed the whole place was max 7 stories high. I like the look - but it is totally massive!

Back to the DVD - beautiful photography of the snowy scenes. Gorgeous!

I think we're up to Dean told Parvati. I liked Neville in the water and that it was changed to Magical Plants of the Highland Lochs. A lot more fitting. I wonder if JKR ever watches the movie and slaps her head & says - that would have been easier / better.

I also liked that Dan & Rupert (Harry & Ron) are trying to be friendly with non-normal friends (Neville & Seamus) and finding it a bit heavy going. Very nice!

Bonnie Wright must have the best temperment in the world. There are so many scenes she's in where she's just watching.

Originally Posted by KlausBaudelaire View Post
it means a stroke of jenius, sorry, english is not my motherlanguage
I think genial means friendly, amiable. But you are a fan of the embers.

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