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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series?

You know... all these talk about an animated series of HP made me think...

I believe we might have here a LOT of brain power, and perhaps just a few less who would be willing enough to devote some time and effort and make this the first collaborative animated series in the world.

Think about it.. Although my drawing skills are virtually non-existent, I could surely do the edition.

Some one could volunteer to do the scripts (one episode per chapter?)
20 minutes per episode (not counting the credits)

Still we will need some to do the storyboard, draw the keyframes.

Although I agree that a conventional animation would be better -- CGI requires a lot of investiment in motion capture, lip synchonizarion, and a lot other stuff -- I think we could acheive a compromise and "draw" virtually, with vectorial graphics for the animation, which could be then animated following the keyframes, and all.

Not to mention the voices, sound effects, soundscores (which I think could be related, but not necessarily BE, from the movies)

Yes, I know it's a lot of work, but I think it can be done, if we put enough effort into it.

What do YOU think?

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