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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series?

Originally Posted by RedShutterbug View Post
The trouble with an animated series is that when it follows a book, it could follow the plot for only so long. The book ends, and if the show is a hit, they have a new season and no material. They would have to stray away from the book, ticking off fans and the author at the same time. So no, I don't think an animated series would be a wise choice or WB.
Not necessarily, most animated series nowadays run for 3, 4 seasons the most.

If did one season per book, we'd have 7 seasons.

One thing that would REALLY make this animated series different from any other ever made is that the characters actually age between, and through out, the seasons.

Not only growing as a character, but actually aging.

You see, we all know that HP is 11 on the first book, heck the whole book starts a little before HP 11th birthday, by the 7th book he's turning 17.

And between 11 and 17 there is a world of difference. Not only to mention the jump start Harry was forced on his first year.

I think an animated series, if well done, would be awesome.

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