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Re: Harry Potter Anime Series?

Originally Posted by underscore View Post
The only problem with this approach is that while there is a lot in the books that can't be covered in the films, there is definately not enough content in the books to fill out the amount of episodes required for each season/series (be it Japanese or American). Even with adding entire filler episodes that just deal with ships and things like that there still isn't enough there to keep a Hogwarts year going on for a full year--or even just nine months--of television. I guess this could work if two Hogwarts years went by in one television year with maybe only OotP taking up a full year of tv? It's not impossible though, it just needs a lot changes and tweeking. It would be so much fun to have a new theme intro for each year as the kids get older and stuff.
How about if you did shorter seasons for the smaller books (PS/SS, CoS, PoA)? It's not that uncommon for 10-13 episode season runs these days and I could at least see the first two books fitting that bill.

Even though animation is my preferred media of entertainment, I'm kind of iffy towards the idea of an animated Harry Potter in any style. I mean, it's not exactly a new thing to turn a book into an animated series, but it would take an ace production studio for me to get into it. There is just way too much that can go wrong, as so many people enjoy pointing out with the movies.

I mean, imagine if Gainax did a HP anime.

*imagines Harry as Shinji, Ginny and Asuka, and Snape as Gendo*


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