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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

To my Dad, when watching GOF with him on DVD at home (his first tiem at seeing it). I exlained:

1) that Wormtail was peter pettigrew - the one who betrayed harry - not sirius. (a quick remind there - and the fact he's also called wormtail)

2) who ginny was

3) erm.....i'm not sure what else. but i don't think he got some tihings exactly (he just didn;t mention it!)

Originally Posted by nevillesgal View Post
The Marauders map. My mother and one of my good friends were so confused about how Remus and Sirius knew about it. The movie never even explains who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are. Along those same lines, I had to explain why it was significant that Harry's patronus was a stag.

Sort of a side note: a friend told me one day he thought he knew one of the people who was going to die in the last book. He's only seen the movies, and he said he thought Neville because he was a side character who didn't matter much to the plot line. I just sort of looked at him funny (my husband, who reads but isn't as into them as I am, burst out laughing), and then said "I think you should read the books and then decide if Neville's an important character."
LOL!!! Aand I don't think JK relly just kills of 'boring, sideline characters' for the fun of it anyway!

Originally Posted by EBJ23 View Post
My dad has only seen the movies and I had to explain how Hermione and Harry were not going to get together.
hehe! well my dad knows - about one thing he does in HP!

BUt also, in GoF - he didn;t know that Krum was, well, the guy in the quidditch world cup. *rolls eyes*

but he may have noticed later on, once he'd ehard the name a few times

= I like to support the underdog
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