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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

I always try to encourage them to read the books first. This way they know what is going on and what certain words mean. There is NOTHING more annoying than someone who doesn't know the story and LOUDLY ask "What is she talking about?" "What on earth does he have a zig-zag scar on his forehead?"
The other reason I encourage them to read the books, especially SS BEFORE renting the movie is you get to see the INSPIRATION behind the movies. You get to see how closely Hogwarts,
Last year I went with a friend to see "Memoirs of a Geisha" and she asked question after question. She was really loud and people were looking at her. Some even "shhed" her. Needless to say my rule of thumb is I don't take someone to this type of movie unless they've read the book or know the background to the story. You also get to see the Characters and what they look like in your eye. This way you can see why they hired the Actors they now use in the movie, etc.


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