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Re: Kudos and Applause for this site...

Originally Posted by Tonks2005 View Post
Awww I would rather be here than doing cardio *needs to do more cardio*
I'm waiting for some bright spark to invent a means of exercising while surfing the internet. I mean, how hard can it be to combine an exercise bike with a computer?
Originally Posted by annie_magus View Post
I have been galavanting around the site for the last 9 days and I'm really impressed. I now have an outlet for my HP concerns. I'm unfortunately not surrounded in my day-to-day life by HP enthusiasts and this has been quite a find. Just wish I'd discovered this site when I picked up my first HP book.
CoS is the best HP forum ever! I can't believe how I spent the first years of Harry Potter fandom all on my own! Three cheers for our long-suffering mods!

So long and thanks for all the fish!
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