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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

Originally Posted by Nicoleweasley View Post
i disagree. i beleive that the whole story of how barty crouch jnr escapes Azkaban is vital to the plot and also we dont learn anything about Snapes past as a death eater which obviously proves to be very important. the ending shows nothing of Fudge not listening to the fact that 'you know who' is back so therefore i think they have fraked themselves for the next movies. just my opinion though.
How Barty escaped isn't important. The only important thing is that he is impersonating Moody to "help" Harry win the tournament.

Snape's past isn't important either, at least not in GOF.

And finally, Fudge's disbelief about Voldy's return is the plot of OOTP, not GOF. There is no reason to include it in GOF when OOTP will have to reintroduce that plot anyway.

You have to understand that you cannot use events from movie X as a setup for events in movie X+1. Any relevant parts of movie X will need to be reintroduced in movie X+1 exactly the same way they would be if movie X did not exist.

Originally Posted by zacz View Post
Maybe because Quidditch is meant to last a while. The whole point of the dragon scene however was that Harry got the egg the fastest and tied with Krum as top scorer on the first task. The ways the first two tasks were set up make them seem irrelevant to the rest of the competition. In the books the winners got points which gave them a headstart in the maze. In the movie everyone started at the same time anyway, so what was the point of the first two tasks.
The point of each task (and indeed the Yule Ball) is to show bravery in the face of extreme peril. That is the story of GOF, after all. The Quidditch scenes in SS and COS had no relevance to the story, and they introduced only one minor plot point (Snape?trying to kill Harry, and Dobby's bludger).

And perhaps you need to watch GOF again. Dumbledore clearly says that Harry and Cedric will be first to enter the maze, followed by Krum and Fleur.


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