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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

Originally Posted by psycha View Post
Well for me, I had seen COS and the gorgeous promo posters for POA beforehand, so when I started reading the books, the established characters like the trio and the Hogwarts staff from the movies were pretty much exactly how I pictured them when reading for the first time--which I don't mind. The rest ofcourse was from my imagination. Yet interestingly, the Dursleys I somehow managed to construct differently in my head. I think they're perfect in the movies, but for some reason I imagine different people when reading the books. Ofcourse I've never cared to reread the books in full, so nothing really drives me mad. I suppose if I did, there would probably be a few instances where I'd think "Oh why didn't they put that in?".

The only instance I can think of was when Harry threw the button at Ron's head and then told him that if were lucky enough he might even get a scar. I really wished hey had put that in because it was such a brilliant line. In fact, I guess that's the only thing in which I can sympathise with whining fans. On occasion, Jo writes wonderful dialogue that would be cinematically perfect if left intact and given to the appropriate character, but alas, it is difficult to remember all of those things when typing up the screenplay, I imagine.

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