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Re: Comments on: Forum Suggestions

Originally Posted by Rell
When I start posting in a thread that is several pages long, I usually look at the first five or six posts to see exactly what the purpose of the thread is. I noticed that when staff members start new versions, the last few posts from the previous versions are shown, but not the first few. So I wanted to know if it would be possible to show the first few posts of the original thread when a new version is started.
Usually when a new version of a thread is started it's because there have been at least 500 posts in the previous version, which also usually means that discussion has developed significantly from the original few posts. We quote the last few posts because subsequent versions of threads are continuations; quoting just the first few posts would be like starting the thread over rather than continuing it. However, most multiple-version threads have links to the previous versisons, so it's not hard to just go back and re-read the first few posts of the previous version.

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