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Originally Posted by sultry_vixxen
i love the segment on the second task, whether if it's in the movie or in the book. to have harry be the first one there and him wanting to save them all even if it wasn't his to save was i think very noble.
Actually, the part of the 2nd task that I liked was the modification. When assaulted by Grindylows, Harry flings Ron and Gabrielle to safety and allows himself to be overwhelmed. This touched upon the theme of good people being willing to sacrifice themselves to save others, which is present throughout the series. It got some emphasis in both PSS and PoA, and it is possible that people will start to notice that.

At the end, we might very well view that and Lupin's lines to Harry in PoA as foreshadowing for the final resolution.

(It doubles for The Hobbit, too!)
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