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Originally Posted by Fwooperkeeper
GoF is the best so far. Chris Columbus, in directing the first two films, often gets a bum rap; but one must consider that those films, like the books, laid the groundwork. Chris started with nothing and created a visual world. Now that the basics of Harry's world are in place, the world can be expanded upon.
Well said. I feel the same way about Columbus. I was in awe when I saw the first movie. He laid a beautiful framework for the continuation of the series.
And Dan is becoming an action / adventure hero as well as becoming a very good actor.
I fear he is a very reluctant action hero. He admits he's not a very good swimmer and he was pretty terrified during that 40 foot drop down the side of the roof. But for carrying it through. The mark of a true actor.
His scene with Cedric's body after returning to Hogwart's was award material.
That (and a box of Kleenex) says it all.
The scenes during the ball were priceless. Reminds me of prom nite; they were so true to life. The humor came from life and life's mistakes and growing up; not from fat ladies and ugly shrunken heads. The movie was majick. Not because of witches and wizards; but because it was about growing up and the choices that have to be made; it was about who your friends are and how hard it is to keep them, and that sometimes you lose one through no fault of yours.
Well said. I'm goosebumping here.

There were a few nitpickey things wrong with the movie, but that's all they were ... nitpickey. I won't let them ruin my enjoyment of what is a wonderful movie on so many levels. How often do you get a great movie that encompasses action, adventure, mystery, fear, fantasy, love, hate, comedy, confusion, and facing your worst nightmare. I was on an emotional roller coaster with this movie and I'm looking forward to the ride for a third time.

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