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I loved the 1st film and i think it was the best adaptation the book although looking at the trailer for GoF that looks excellent. I think think the acting in the 3rd movie isnt brillant but they do enough to portray their characters.ok my pet peeves are 1: No Peeves, he would have been hilarious and they could have used him for humerous moments instead of giving characters 1 liners to break tension 2:The rearranging of Hogwarts in PoA and also the quiddich pitch in CoS 3: No quiddich final in PoA 4: No Explaination of the mauraders and who they were that they made the map 5: Harry's crying in PoA, worst bit of acting in the 3 films in my opinion 6: New Dumbledore, i loved Richard Harris(RIP) as Dumbledore and they should of at least kept his style of clothing and talking the same instead of the hip new character of Micheal Gambon. thats all i can think of at the moment. I still love all the films, my favourite being the 1st film, simply because its stayed faithful to the book moreso than CoS and PoA but thats just my opinion. Love, Peace and Chicken Grease

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