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Originally Posted by Blizzard
Of course, Peter Jackson was 100% faithful to the Lord of the Rings books now wasn't he...
Never said he did mate, but he did a lot better than Colombus and Cuaron did...

"I hate the media, you can not believe anything you see on TV or read in the newspapers. The only thing the media does is screw over famous people."
As quoted from Charles Barkley

Aboard the HMS Lockeddoor and the HMS Germany ... Figure those out, I'll give you $1,000...

My headmaster has a first name, it's A-L-B-U-S, my headmaster has a middle name, it's P-E-R-C-I-V-A-L, my headmaster has a second middle name, it's W-U-L-F-R-I-C, my headmaster has a third middle name, it's B-R-I- oh forget it, jeez get a shorter name headmaster....
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