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Re: The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer v.3

Originally Posted by Voldemorts8thHorcrux View Post
Just like to point out that Meyer's universe is pretty screwy at the biology part, since apparently vamps and humans can reproduce even though the chromosome numbers are different. And wolves and humans can produce fertile offspring despite chromosome differences, which is supposed to be biologically impossible.

that's an amazing theory, but the problem is that what about vampires? do their cells never age and die or split? if that was true, then they wouldn't need blood, but they and nessie do. Also, Nessie is supposed to become very similar to a vampire once she grows enough, she's supposed to become frozen in time. Actually, scratch that, I think we should compare Nessie to werewolves. ok, even if we did that, vampires would be the odd one out.
sorry for taking so long to reply. I think you're write about that, and I think it's because Meyer didn't follow her plot to its logical conclusion before writing it. I was just trying to figure out from what we know of the characters what we could assume about Nessie. It's never been explained why vampires need to drink blood, so there's no way to know about their cellular activity. All we know is that their mouths are full of venom (and presumably other orifices as well since Bella's venom dissolved her colored contacts in BD). We don't know what their food does for their bodies or even what kind of tissue we're talking about at all when it comes to their make-up. It would be nice to know more about what Meyer thinks of all that since her vampire characters are so knowledgeable about pretty much everything supernatural and should therefore know more about themselves than she's let on in the books.

as for the lack of deaths in the series, I don't think it's right to judge Meyer on not killing characters. The story has always been "marketed" as one about a romance. It's not fair to compare it to Harry Potter just because they're both fantasy books. Harry Potter is more a hero epic than anything else, while the Twilight series is clearly a story about romance. One thing that the genre of romance entails is that an unrealistically happy ending is not out of the question, in fact it is quite possibly more a rule than an exception. Even Dracula, the most popular vampire novel, ends with only two deaths (minor characters). Lucy, who becomes a vampire after dying, even gets a happy ending by being "destroyed" by the vampire hunters and therefore sent to heaven.

I don't think it's necessary for there to have been deaths in the Twilight series because "realism" was never what Meyer was about in the books. None of it really makes sense as far as a typical "plot." You would expect that the hero and heroine come to this climactic moment where they realize they've fallen for each other and that's where the story would end, but that's not how Twilight went. Edward stood on the head of a pin for most of the book, and the solidification of the relationship was so indirect I was confused about what had happened at all. the rest of the series changes the typical "love story" outline considerably by having Edward abandon Bella and having her fall head over heels for Jacob. After that you might expect for Bella to just suddenly realize that it's Edward that she "truly" loves, but it remains a blurry line between friendship and romance for Bella and Jacob up until the moment Renesmee is born in BD.

I know I've written a novel here, but I think it's unfair to compare the series to other ones because I really don't think a story has to be realistic to be good.

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