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Re: The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer v.3

Call me crazy -- I actually liked that this was a gooey happy ending. I almost expected people to die in HP but in Twilight I was quite content to have them part happily in the sunset. I'd LOVE to see a story about Nessie and Jacob and how the Cullens/Pack are doing. Perhaps the Volturi come back, perhaps groups of covens decide to revolt and the Cullens get trapped in the middle, perhaps the Volturi want to irradicate the pack..the possibilities are endless.
I would love to see that story told!! It would be interesting to see things from Nessie's pov actually after she grows up and how Nahuel and the others fit in. You're right. The possibilities are endless. It may not be so centered on edward and bella anymore, but it would still be amazing.

I like happy endings. So many times in life we don't get happy endings so it was nice to feel all gooey and gooshie about this. I'm not sure how to describe it. I would have been furious had they killed Nessie/Edward/Jacob or ANY of the Cullens, the series would feel so incomplete without each contributing personality. (even Rosalie grumble grumble)

Well, what some of us were discussing is that they still could have had a big battle, but not have any of the cullens or jacob die. They may lose some of the other vampires and the pack but not the core characters-sort of like hp. I still think it would be a relatively happy ending, and a lot of fans would have felt more satisfied. I still didn't mind the ending we got but I agree that more closure was needed in terms of the volturi.

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