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Re: Harry Potter the Musical? Watch it or Not?

Originally Posted by NauticalAcronym View Post
Honestly, I would love them to do it just for the sake of DOING it. Just to give it a go and see what happened and what sort of a product came out of it. Even if it wasn't great I think it would be a shame NOT to give it a try. Who knows, it could be terrible, but it could be amazing; there is no way of telling unless they give it a go. :P
(I just had a weird image of Snape performing Thriller in my head )
Like what one poster said earlier about Petunia and Vernon singing and ordering Harry about the house! I can see it so beautifully! Or a little Harry who has just been thrown into his cupboard starts to sing a sad little song only to be interrupted by his Uncle and thrown out to start more chores. He he he!!! I keep hearing "Castle on a Cloud".
There is also the part where Harry is on that island singing "Happy Birthday" to Himself, which could be transformed into a whole song with a sort of Happy Birthday theme but with little additions by Harry!
lol, I'm getting way too excited right now!
Ending post...
Youre right we wont know till someone tries... Heck as far as we know it could be like High School musical and as many dont like it it was a financial success... Much to the chagrin of those that dont like it... In my view after DH we all dont have much to look forward to anymore so if someone came to do a HP ala high school musical its better that nothing right... They just have to make it accurate to make sure us old time fans stay fans.


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