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Re: Harry Potter the Musical? Watch it or Not?

Honestly, I would love them to do it just for the sake of DOING it. Just to give it a go and see what happened and what sort of a product came out of it. Even if it wasn't great I think it would be a shame NOT to give it a try. Who knows, it could be terrible, but it could be amazing; there is no way of telling unless they give it a go. :P
(I just had a weird image of Snape performing Thriller in my head )
Like what one poster said earlier about Petunia and Vernon singing and ordering Harry about the house! I can see it so beautifully! Or a little Harry who has just been thrown into his cupboard starts to sing a sad little song only to be interrupted by his Uncle and thrown out to start more chores. He he he!!! I keep hearing "Castle on a Cloud".
There is also the part where Harry is on that island singing "Happy Birthday" to Himself, which could be transformed into a whole song with a sort of Happy Birthday theme but with little additions by Harry!
lol, I'm getting way too excited right now!
Ending post...

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