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Re: ABC Family's Versions of the HP movies

On ABC Family just last weekend they had yet another HP Weekend, and while I watched HP4 I noticed several new-and crazy- scenes that I'm guessing were either deleted or part of the extended edition.
Like when they're at the opening feast in the great hall Dumbledore announces that its time to sing the 'school song' and they all break out into song with hand motions and all, while Dumbledore follows along (like a sing along) with his words on a banner floating in the air. All i have to say about this one is THANK GOD they took it out of the regular version!!
There was also another scene during the Yule Ball where Harry over hears Snap and Karkaroff talking while Snape kicks kids out of carriages (one of which was rocking back and forth when Harry passed it). It was quite, quite strange!


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