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Re: The Warlock's Hairy Heart

This is probably the finest of all the tales, although I'm not sure that it's my favorite because I'm having trouble picking favorites. But this is a story that would be relevant, whether you knew the world of Harry Potter or not (same could be said of some of the other tales, but this one especially). I think most of us are afraid to give ourselves in love. That's where this story draws its power from. Because yeah, you do go crazy and act stupid when you're in love. Love makes you do inconvenient things- but the point is, of course, that it's worth it. Definetly one of the overarching themes of the books themselves- love conquers all.

That being said, it's easier to read and appreciate such a story than to trust people after you've been through a bad relationship. Which I think is actually more the point of this story: yes, love sucks. But no love sucks way more.

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