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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

The first 2 movies were all right but then again there wasn't much they could have butchered in those movies anyway.

PoA - Completely spoiled the animagus and Marauders explanation. That was perhaps the most important part of the book and they screwed that up. And of course Hermione being given the Ron's line in the shrieking shack was ridiculous.

GoF - They skip out most of the last part of the book after Voldemort comes alive and that part essentially laid the groundwork for the next book. They don't show Barty Crouch Jr being kissed by the dementor so if you haven't read the books you're probably wondering what on earth happened to him. Another thing they could've included (not necessary though) was Dumbledore sending Snape to Voldemort and Sirius coming to his office.

OoTP - To be honest this is my least favourite book an the movies were all right. The only complaints would be that Sirius's character does not really come out in the way it does in the books and the Prophecy is not explained properly.

HBP - This probably is the worst movie of the lot. While reading the book for the first time I really looked forward to Harry's next session with Dumbledore because that was the best part and the major part of the book. The directors completely destroyed the memories. In my opinion not one of the memories should've been skipped because without it Harry has no clue what the horcruxes are. The whole Ron-Hermione-Lavender thing was butchered as well. I also thought that the 'hiding the HBP book' scene was done badly and got converted into a romantic scene. Finally I thought they could've shown a bit of the battle inside Hogwarts as well. oh and the Burrow being burnt down served no real purpose as far as I could see.

DH1 - This wasn't that bad actually except for the Dance which makes no sense. What exactly did they hope to achieve with the dance? Harry knows they both like each other, and even if he did like Hermione (which he most definitely doesn't) he would've stepped aside for Ron. Hermione clearly likes Ron and that fact is clearer in the movies than in the books. So Yates explanation of wanting to create a will he won't he scenario makes no sense. Completely out of character for both Harry and Hermione. Also Hermione doesn't look she had been tortured after that scene with Bellatrix. She seems to walk around quite normally, quite unlike someone who had just gone through the Cruciatus curse.

DH2 - One of the things that really disappointed me in this film was that Fred's death was off screen. We are not talking about any character here but of one of the most loved characters in the book and seeing as he died on page in the book it's unforgivable. One of the saddest scenes in the entire series imo is when Percy tries to protect Fred's dead body and his (and Ron's) reaction immediately afterwards. I don't mind admitting it but I was actually sobbing while I read that part of the book. I don't they even mentioned Percy's estrangement with the family in any of the books. The final battle scene between Harry and Voldemort was cringeworthy and very very cheesy. Harry breaking the elder wand was puzzling a well.

Another thing that annoyed me a lot watching the movies was Hermione's characterization. She is portrayed as a sort of flawless person who knows everything there is to know. In the books JKR brings out her flaws as well but that's not at all done in the movies. The way she gets so many lines from different characters is annoying

Hermione explaining what a mudblood is when in the books she dosen't know what it means.

Hermione explaining what a parselmouth is when it's Ron who does that in the books

Hermione introducing Luna in OoTP (as Loony initially) when it's Ginny who does that in the book.

It's Harry's idea to climb the dragons in DH but again it's Hermione who suggests that in the movies.

There might be other cases but these are the ones of the top of my head.

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