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Re: Deadliest Catch

Originally Posted by freelantzer View Post
Yes, they did. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Hillstrands were cooking up a more elaborate, planned out prank on Jake or the Northwestern.
Can anyone top the pick-up truck?

Yes, Jake seems to just nag for the sake of nagging, especially at Josh. Josh always seems much more cool and reasonable. But I could swear that Jake was already getting full share. In that episode I mentioned, Phil told Jake that he would take 1/2 a percent pay from him if he slacked again. To me that indicates that Jake was getting a full share. So I just don't get why he is angry that his brother is getting a full share now. Unless Josh earned it faster than Jake did. Jake always seems quick to criticize Josh and his work--and not because Josh actually does a bad job, but just to be a p***ant, like you said.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember Phil commenting that Jake was making about $120K a year. That sounds like full-share to me.

Those kinds of things terrify me. They always show Edgar doing that sort of thing, too. I wouldn't be surprised if Murray was just taking some time to attend to things back home, like you said. Maybe he didn't want to discuss it on the show . . .
Yeah, I'll never forget Edgar throwing himself over the side to grab the anchor chain and yelling, "Grab my feet." That one had my heart pounding so hard, I could barely breathe. What was it he said a couple of weeks ago? He was all over the stacks and said, "I forgot my life jacket, oh well."

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