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Re: Deadliest Catch

This was a great episode! So much happened that it felt a lot longer than one hour.

Originally Posted by Desraelda View Post
It did look like at the end that Phil was back in the captain's chair for opie season.
I saw that! Yay! It also sounded like maybe Jake had messed something up when Phil said, "If I can't haul my gear, you're gonna be looking for another job."
Originally Posted by Desraelda View Post
After everything that Murray went through, did the Cornelia Maria come out on top? $54K for each deckhand? Here we've been feeling sorry for the guy, and he ended up on the crab.
I was wondering about that when they showed the totals. Some boats caught more crab and the crew got paid much less. It must have to do with the overhead of running the boat plus the price they get from the processor they contract with to sell their crab. The crew of the Corneila ended up doing well. But that was the longest season I've ever seen on the show. Freddie had a mohawk on the trip but a full head of hair when they delivered the crab. And with all their dead loss, they had to go out again to catch the rest of their quota. (Those dead crab were really upsetting to see. *shudder*)

But I do so love those Harris boys, especially Josh. He's always trying to take care of everyone.

I've never seen Sig at a loss to find the crab like that, resorting to radio fishing. It was cool to hear him speak Norweigen, though. And I don't recall ever seeing the crew of the Northwestern that beat down. Zombie-like, sure, but this episode showed a whole new level of that.

And it was hilarious to see the Hillstrands yucking it up in Baja! They are maybe the most fun-loving crew. They always make me laugh--Johnathan's gravelly laugh and crazy crab dance.

Keith was really kind to the greenhorn, Josh, giving him a compliment. And that was kind of sad to see Lenny retire, but I'm glad he'll be spending more time with his daughter. What nice things Keith said to him! Keith is so manic, I swear. Sometimes he's this really sensitive guy, talking to his kids or shedding a tear over a lost ship. And other times he's telling Monte, "I hate you. You're no longer my brother."

Yeah, overall, great episode. Tons of action. Can't wait for opies!

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