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Re: Stephen King

Originally Posted by Venom3384 View Post
Ok, I'm a huge Stephen King fan and I can say I've read the majority of his work (which I think is an accomplishment considering how prolific the man is) and from what I read I think the best ones are Insomnia, Dreamcatcher, The Stand, and It. I've read all those books at least twice because they are so twisted and convoluted with lots of psychology and sci-fi elements...oh good times.
I had a hard time getting "into" Insomnia and probably put it down and started over a couple of times, but then I got hooked like I always do with his books. I did not like the start of Dreamcatcher, once we got past all the "bodily functions" and got into the story it was very good.

My favorites are the Dark Tower Series and The Stand, I also liked Rose Madder as a change of pace fantasy-type novel. Imagine waiting over twenty years for Stephen to finish Dark Tower, but it was worth the wait ( and I love finding all the references to characters in it, in his preceding works.

hagrids_wench - I had no trouble at all reading Misery except for the feet "chop", so even Stephen King fans can't agree on the favorites or readability of his books.

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