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shaun0505 May 10th, 2012 3:13 pm

Stars and Sparks

Stars and Sparks

We all know the story of how Harry Potter defeated the dark lord at Hogwarts. What we don't know is what happened afterwards. What happened to the people who grieved, loved and longed. This is their story.

'That wand's more trouble than it's worth,' said Harry. 'And quite honestly,' he turned away from the painted portraits, think now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwhich there, I've had enough trouble for a lifetime.'

It is May 1998. Lord Voldemort has been defeated and the wizarding world is celebrating. From all over the country people are flocking to Hogwarts to celebrate the Dark Lords demise and to the end of war. Aurors work nonstop, trying to capture escaped Death Eaters before they rally together and the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt reassures everyone that the world is now safe.

People will celebrate by they will also fret and fear over what is to come. Many have lost people, friends and family members. Many have fought themselves. It is hard to live after you have seen terrible things.

But people will surive and go on and live in this brand new world.

Stars and Sparks is a brand new post Potter RPG set straight after the events of the final book. We will be following canon to the exapanded universe but will deviate here and there, depending on where the plot takes us. We have many canons available and you have an option of playing all types of characters. Come and join us!

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