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Fawkesfan1 May 5th, 2011 10:48 pm

A Rift in Time -- an XF fic
Please read and let me know what you think about it, or feel free to post in the feedback thread about it :). Feel free to send me an Owl if you feel like it.

Title: A Rift in Time -- An X-Files fic starring Mulder and Scully

Author: Fawkesfan1

Genre: X-File; science fiction

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Young Mulder and Scully take a trip back to the future... and come face to face with a big surprise.

Disclaimer: My thanks go out to Chris Carter and all those over at 1013 productions, for letting us fans have some fun with M & S. The characters and situations of the television program "The X-Files" are the creations and property of Chris Carter, Fox Broadcasting, and Ten Thirteen Productions, and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. Credit goes out to Serta for the Serta Sleep Number beds. Only used the term as part of a joke in the fic. All rights reserved; No copyright infringement is intended.

It all started on a warm fall day, with Mulder and Scully walking up to the main FBI office. "It's a nice day, Scully -- are you sure that you don't want to go and check out that crop circles exhibit with me later?" Mulder said to her. I'm sure Mulder -- my life is full of more than just aliens, X-Files and UFO's." Scully said to him plainly. "Ah Scully -- you need to lighten up somemore..." Mulder said to her jokingly, as he looked at her with a big old grin on his face.

"Oh, Mulder, Mulder, Mulder", Scully said, while laughing at his remark and shaking her head, "You've helped me to do that already." "Ah thanks Scully -- at least I've done that much." Scully smiled at him and then said, "I have some plans -- but maybe we can do something in the near future..." "Ok, that sounds good," Mulder said -- looking over at her, "What do you have in mind...", he asked Scully while waggling his eyebrows at her. "Mulder," she said to him reprovingly while chuckling, "Nothing like that...", Scully waggled her eyebrows back at him in return, "I can assure you."

"Oh Scully -- you're just no fun sometimes..." sighed Mulder. "No Mulder -- it's just your idea of fun... the day that anything like that happens, will be when we all find out that the moon is made of blu cheese.", Scully said to him matter-of-factly. "Gee, don't be such a wet blanket, Scully -- you never know..." said Mulder, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Scully laughed and said to him, "Yea we can never know -- but I do know this -- that day won't be coming anytime soon.", Scully told him, with the emphasis on both the words 'that day' and 'anytime'.

Mulder was about to counter what she had just said to him when he noticed something weird in the distance, in the middle of the entranceway to the main FBI building. "Scully, do you see what I see?" he said to her, while scratching his head curiously. "What, Mulder?" Scully replied, with a hint of both skepticism and interest in her voice. "That odd purple light over there...", Mulder replied in response to her question. "Yes, just vaguely... what do you think it is, Mulder?" Scully said. "I don't know Scully, but I think we should go check it out you know -- just to be on the safe side of things." "Are you sure that's the best thing to do, Mulder? "Are you sure that it's even safe to go near that thing?" Scully said with concern in her voice.
"No I'm not sure, Scully -- but where's the harm in just checking it out...," he said to her, as he walked over to the light and waved his hand over it. "See Scully -- no har --" The light had just mysteriously sucked him in. "Mulder, Mulder," she said, shaking her head, and followed his path and did what he had just done -- and got sucked in by the light as well.
They both landed in the middle of a field somewhere... West Virginia to be exact. The year is 2008 now -- no longer 1998, the year from which they came.
And things are about to get a whole lot weirder...
They both got up and started walking towards a seemingly deserted farmhouse in order to try to get some help and information. "Mulder, are you ok?," Scully asked him worriedly. "I don't know, Scully -- it's like one minute we were both at the FBI building and the next minute we landed here, out in the middle of nowhere."
"Ah, gee thanks for the play-by-play Mulder -- do you know where we are exactly?," Scully asked him, a note of concern entering her already worried voice. "Honestly Scully, I have no clue.," Mulder said to her. "It could be just about anywhere on the East coast or Midwest from the looks of things.," he continued. "Oh... well that certainly narrows down some things.," she said back to him sarcastically, as she went to knock on the house's door.
Someone approached the door and opened it. Scully was in mild shock... She thought that the person seemed so familiar in a way -- just how, she was not sure of though...
"Do you need some help?," said the person who answered the door, a woman with long auburn hair, who was wearing a navy blue blouse and a pair of jeans. "Yes we do," Scully said, "Can you please tell me and my friend here where we are exactly? We're new to the area..." "No problem," said the mystery woman, just as a mystery man came up behind, embraced her and started to kiss her softly on the neck. "Jesus, Mulder -- not now...," she said, with a hint of mirth in her voice, "We have company..." "Oh come on Scully...," the Future Mulder said playfully. "Oh hi there...," he continued. "Sorry about that..., " he said to both the Past Mulder and Scully, as they were standing there -- now completely in shock over this new development.
"Remember how you told me that something like this would never happen, Scully? Well it looks like it has... So I guess we can now say that the moon is officially made of blu cheese..." "Mulder, Mulder, Mulder...," she said back to him... while giving him the 'look'. "Do you mind if we excuse ourselves for a minute?," Scully asked them politely. "That's ok, take as long as you both need.," the Future Mulder said to her.
The both of them walked out of the house for some fresh air. Mulder started to laugh and grin. "Just what is so funny, Mulder?," Scully said to him with an interested look on her face. "Oh nothing Scully... I just was thinking about the future...," Mulder said, while continuing to grin and laugh, "and you and me..." He began to stare off into the distance and let off a low whistle and continued, "I just can't believe my own eyes -- you and me together in the future... it's like something out of the Twilight Zone -- not that it's anything bad, might I add, Scully." "It's just a lot to take in."

"I know Mulder, I know." "I'm still getting used to the idea myself." "You as a mature adult..." Scully grinned at the thought and continued, "and the both of us living together in our own house... is a lot to take in, like you just said."
"Are you ready to go back in yet?" Mulder asked her. "Yes I am, Mulder, are you?" Scully asked him in reply. "Yep, let's go back inside..."
They both went back inside the house. "Are you two ok?" asked the future Mulder. "Yea we are -- just needed some fresh air, that's all." Scully told him. "Ok, that's good -- we were about ready to order some pizza, and the both of you are more than welcome to stay for some dinner.," he told her, as he got out his cell phone and dialed up the pizza guy. "No we don't want to impose on the two of you -- anymore than we have to.," she said matter-of-factly. "No, no -- that's no problem," he said, "we don't have anything really important planned for tonight -- so you are both welcome here." "Aren't they?," he called back to the future Scully. "Yep no problem. In fact, you two are the most company that Mulder and I have seen in weeks.," she said to the two of them. "Oh and by the way --" she continued, "to answer your question that you two were wondering about earlier... you are both in the state of West Virginia."
"Oh I see... and what year is it?," Scully asked her. "It's 2008...," she replied back to her. "Wow, Scully...," Mulder said with a look of slight surprise on his face, and then continued, "10 years have passed..." "Just what in the heck happened when we touched that purple light?" "It seemed to have acted like some sort of time machine or hole in time, Mulder..." Mulder stood there in shock... "You actually think it could possibly be either of those phenomenon, Scully?" "Not really, but with the way things are right now -- we can't be sure of anything, Mulder...," Scully said to him. "And, thanks for all of your help.," she said to the Future Scully. "No problem... and if you two don't mind me interjecting -- you're both from the past?" "It certainly sounds like one heck of a story that you have here.," she said to the both of them. "Yep... it most certainly is..." he replied back to her. He then told them the story about how they got there.
"Wow...," the Future Mulder said, once the story was over with. "You two really did come from the past then? I didn't think that was even possible -- aside from anomalies such as the Bermuda Triangle." "Scully, remember when we were on the Queen Mary?" "You had to rescue me and you saw the past like I had..." "Yes I do, Mulder...," said the Future Scully. "Only I didn't really believe it at first..." "It was only after the fact that I even opened myself up to the possibility that something like that could happen..." She smiled and laughed at the distant memory. "We were both so much younger then...," she went on saying, "and the circumstances were so much different..."
"They most definitely were -- I told you that I loved you, and you didn't believe me...," the Future Mulder said to her with a hint of laughter in his voice. "Well you were still under the effects of sedation... that's why I didn't believe you." "But as for now, I definitely know that you love me and that I love you.," she said to him with a hint of a smile on her face. She then looked at him tenderly and kissed him softly on the lips. He smiled at her and said, "There's never a day that goes by that I don't love you -- and it was on that day that I knew -- for sure -- that I was truly in love with you."
"Woah...," Mulder said to the both of them, his face full of awe and wonder. "Just out of curiosity -- when did the two of you finally fall in love?" "It was on New Year's Eve in 1999 -- right after the ball had dropped...," the Future Scully told him. "We both saw this couple on tv kissing and something just clicked -- we looked at each other... and then kissed." "It was purely spontaneous -- and completely wonderful." "We both knew from then on that things would never be the same -- and that a line had finally been crossed." She looked over at the Future Mulder and smiled at him once more.
"That was a wonderful story that the both of you have shared with us...," Scully said to them, with a smile crossing her face. "If you don't mind me asking... What else has happened over these years since 1998?" "Well...," the Future Scully said to her, "both of us started to date each other... sleep together... and in the end -- we ended up having a child together." And on that note, Mulder's jaw dropped to the floor. "You're kidding me, right?," he asked her. "Nope, I'm not kidding -- all of this really happened.," she said. "Wow...," Scully said back to her. "This is a lot more to take in... so much has happened, so much has changed..."
"Yea -- you're definitely right there, Scully..." "This is so hard to believe -- especially the part of the story where a child comes into the picture...," Mulder said, with a note of skepticism entering his voice. "Now since when have you ever been skeptical about anything, Mulder?" "This is certainly a first for me...," Scully said to him, with a slight smile forming on her face. "Not very often, Scully -- and certainly not as often as you have been.," he said to her jokingly -- with a slight grin on his face. Scully laughed and the Future Scully said to the both of them that she asked Mulder to help her to conceive and that he said yes. They both stood there -- still in disbelief... then Mulder spoke up. "Was the child a boy or a girl?, " he asked her. "It was a boy named William -- which I had named after his father's father." She looked over at the Future Mulder, smiled and then sighed. "What's wrong?," Scully asked her.
"In the end, I had to give him up for adoption -- due to forces outside of our control.," she said to her sadly. "What kind of forces?," Scully asked her. "Namely the Syndicate...," she said to her straight-forwardly, with a trace of anger and bitterness entering her voice. From that she continued -- "Not the one that either of you are familiar with though, even though they share similar goals..." "That one -- got killed off years ago... this new one consists mainly of supersoldiers... a group of people who are very strong and deadly..."
"They tend to believe that there is something special about our son -- and they were willing to do almost anything just to try and take him away..." "Not to mention that strange cult that tried to do the very same thing... only for their own reasons..." "So in the end... giving him up for adoption was the safest way to go -- not that it was an easy decision to make though..." Her voice wavered, as her eyes filled up with tears, but she still continued on. "I didn't want to give him up -- and I was damn sure that his father, my constant, wouldn't want to do that either." The Future Mulder looked at her and nodded in agreement. She was relieved to see this -- even though she knew all along that he had felt that way about it.
Tension filled the air as the news hit the younger pair... the day has started out normally -- but now things were definitely a lot more complicated. "Are either you planning on either going to visit him or getting him back someday?," Scully asked them politely. "We'd love to do either of those things -- but sadly, due to the way things are presently -- it wouldn't be in either of our best interests to go and do that. It just wouldn't be safe.," the Future Scully said solemnly.
"Oh...," said the younger Mulder and Scully back in unison. The front buzzer rang. "Ah, the pizza's here...," the Future Mulder said, a big smile coming onto his face. "Anyone want the one with anchovies on it?" They both looked at him like he'd just slipped into a pile of camel dung. "Kidding, just kidding... it's pepperoni, pineapple and ham -- and I had it checked for any radiation...," he told them, while laughing.
"I guess somethings never change, Mulder...," the younger Scully said to her cohort, while laughing. "You're still the same smart-alecky self... only older -- not that I mind -- there are some redeemable qualities..." She sat there grinning, while getting herself a slice of pizza. "You're certainly right about that...," the Future Scully said to her, while laughing. "If he'd become old and stodgy -- then things would most certainly be a lot more dull..." She looked over at him and grinned. "Life wouldn't be as fun for me without him." The younger Mulder looked over at his partner, grinned and then laughed. "So -- I'm still the same after all these years?" "Come on now... something had to have changed during this time...," he said to the future Scully. She sat there quietly for a minute and then said, "Well -- you become a better listener for one thing..." "Along with being more tolerant about things..."
"Ah...," he said. "Guess that comes with age then." The older Mulder looked at him and then said in his best old person impression, "Yes I guess it does, sonny..."
The younger Scully started to chuckle. "Hey...," her cohort said back to her, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "What are you laughing for?" "The sight of both you and your older counterpart making fools of yourselves...," she said back to him, with a grin on her face. "Oh -- I see...," he said, "Well it is rather silly... I admit Scully -- but it is kind of fun...," he said to her, while starting to chuckle himself.
Everyone continued to laugh and eat somemore pizza, as the evening continued on.
"So...," the younger Mulder said to his older counterpart with a grin on his face, and his mouth still full of pizza. "How has Scully changed over the years?" Mulder laughed and continued,... "Well... she's certainly a lot more relaxed and more open about things... and definitely more colorful..." He said that last part with a hint a mirth in his voice. The older Scully laughed and said,... "He's most definitely right about all of that -- and he's in fact part of how I became that way..." "If it weren't for him -- I'd probably still be who I was back then... someone who was a lot less relaxed and open -- someone who really didn't let their emotions show."
She looked over at him and smiled and continued, "Thanks to him -- I've become a better person." "Wow, Scully -- I didn't know that I've had such an effect on you...," he said to her with awe in his voice. "Well you did, Mulder -- and I'm grateful that you did." "We've definitely come a long way from what we were both like at the beginning...," she said to him with a knowing look on her face.
"Heck yea we have -- I certainly wasn't that much of a prize myself...," he said, with a touch of bitterness in his voice. "Well you certainly went to hell and back in terms of all that you went through up to that point..." She looked at him with the utmost compassion in her eyes and said it to him with calmness and love in her voice. "Still -- I wasn't that much of a person -- a loner if you will..." She patted his back and said, "Well, in the end -- you overcame all that... and became a better person, and that's what really matters..." "I guess so... but if it weren't for you... I'm pretty sure that things would have turned out way differently...," he said to her matter-of-factly. "You really helped to set my life on a better path -- one not nearly as messed up or as dark and I'm forever grateful for that." He said that to her with nothing but honesty and love in his voice.
"Thanks Mulder -- I'm glad that I was able to do at least that much for you.," she said to him, with a tear coming to her eye. They looked at each other for what seemed to be an eternity -- with a look of pure adoration, knowing, respect and love on both of their faces.
Both of the younger agents sat there in wonder, seeing the moment unfold. They couldn't believe just how close they'd be to one another within 10 years of the time from which they had come. "So...," the younger Mulder said, "how do the both of you put up with one another?" "Both Scully and I get on each others' nerves at least once or so a month..." The older pair chuckled at the remark.
"Well...," the older Mulder replied to him, while choosing his words carefully, "it certainly helps that she's a good kisser... and that she puts up with my habit of being so disorganized..." The older Scully gave him the 'look' and shook her head. "Mulder, Mulder, Mulder...," she said, while barely concealing a grin that was slowly coming across her face. "Some things never change...," she continued, "and to answer your question -- we keep each other on our toes... make each other laugh..." "Of course there are fights and disagreements every now and then -- but in the end, our love and overall, our relationship comes first."
"Yep...," the older Mulder said, as he yawned slightly. "That's pretty much the truth there -- plain and simple..." "As hard as it may be for the both of you to believe..." "It did take some time for the two of us to get used to living together, but in the end -- things worked out well." "Pretty much...," she said, while chuckling a little bit. "We still have our little quirks... but now they've become rather endearing for the most part..." The younger Scully started to laugh. "Does he still throw pencils up into the ceiling?," she asked her with a grin. "Yep he still does that -- along with eating sunflower seeds..." "Nice...," the younger Mulder said, with a grin on his face. "I guess it really is true when they say that old habits die hard."
Everyone laughed at that remark and continued to finish up what was left of the pizza. "Wow... it's getting late...," the younger Mulder remarked. "Can you guys tell me where the bathroom is?," he asked them matter-of-factly. "It's down the hall and to the right.," the older Scully said back to him. "Thank you...," he said back to her, as he got up from the table to go to the bathroom.
He found the bathroom and turned on the light. "Wow... so this will be our bathroom..." He laughed a little bit at the thought... as he sat down to go to the bathroom. Thoughts raced through his head -- about the past, about the present (circa 1998) and about the future. So much was being processed... that it was scaring him somewhat. He got up, flushed the toilet and washed his hands... when all of a sudden, a thought came over him. "Should I go and check out our future bedroom?" He chuckled slightly at the thought -- and then went for it... He went straight from the bathroom and right into a sideroom, that lead directly into their future bedroom.
He stood there, in complete shock as he gazed upon the room's flowery walls and the bed itself, with its blue bedspread that had crop circle like patterns on it.
"Oh my god...," he said to himself. "Just what kind of nightmare have I walked into?" "Is this some kind of bedroom, ala: Martha Stewart or something?" "I know that Scully's going to be living with me... but flowery wallpaper?" He sighed deeply and continued, "What did I do to deserve this?"
The older Scully heard him, and walked into the bedroom. "What the...," he said to her, completely surprised. "I'm so sorry that I startled you there..." "I just heard you talking and I thought that something might have gone wrong." "Oh I see...," he said to her with a chuckle. "Thanks... and I'm sorry about being in here..." She laughed and said, "No problem -- I could tell by your reaction that you're no fan of the decor..."

"You've certainly got that one right...," he said to her with a chuckle. "Oh and to answer your question -- it's your future self's bedspread... and I picked out the wallpaper." "He let me do so -- since he lost a bet..." "What kind of bet?," he asked her curiously. "A sports one...," she said back to him with a grin. "You've got to be kidding me... Scully doesn't really like sports that much...," he said to her matter-of-factly. She laughed at the comment and said, "Well -- I'm not a huge sports fan -- but I've warmed up to them... thanks to your future self." "Oh and by the way, it was a baseball bet -- the Angels vs. the Yankees." "And the Yankees lost -- 4-3." "I went with the Angels... and the bet was if the Angels won that I'd be able to pick out the wallpaper." "And if the Yankees won, then he'd be able to do the same," "Oh...," he said, while stifling a small chuckle. "I see..." "Well thanks for clearing that up..." "No problem...," she said back to him. "Oh, and by the way -- that's another way of keeping our relationship fresh -- another form or challenging one another..." The younger Mulder smiled and laughed at the comment, as his older self entered the room, along with the younger Scully.
They were both laughing at a comment that he -- the older Mulder -- had said. "What's so funny?," the younger Mulder asked curiously. "Oh... it's nothing...," she said to him with a mischevious grin on her face. He looked over at the older version of himself and then asked him the same thing. "Well...," he told him, with a grin on his face. "I just told her that you will be just as sarcastic and off-color now as you were back in 1998..." "She seemed to be very happy about that... as you can tell by the look on her face..."
He started to chuckle at the remark and his fellow cohort continued to laugh. "Wow..." said the older Scully, while yawning slightly. "It's getting really late -- you two are more than welcome to stay the night -- if you'd like..." "No -- no, we'd best be going..." the younger Scully said to her. "We don't want to overstay our welcome..." "Oh... that won't be a problem -- you both can stay in our guest room." "It's down the hall somewhat and to the left." "Oh, thanks -- and come on Mulder..." He followed her out of the future bedroom like a puppy dog, while wearing a slightly silly grin on his face. The older pair chuckled slightly and soon followed suit. The younger Scully turned around for a second and asked her older counterpart one final question. "Do you ever call him by his first name?" The older Scully laughed and said in reply, "Only when he ticks me off... other than that, no." The older Mulder laughed a little bit at the remark and said, "I call her by her first name every so often as well -- don't I Dana?" He said the last bit of the comment with some humor and sarcasm in his voice.
"Yes you do, Fox..." she said with a hint of irritation intermingling with some sarcasm and humor. The younger pair broke into stitches of laughter. "I can't believe this..." the younger Mulder said to his fellow cohort. "Us, calling each other by our first names teasingly, and albeit with some annoyance tossed in..." "Well..." she said back to him, "we have changed... quite a bit -- so by now... we're probably used to it..." The older pair chuckled. The older Mulder then said, "She's most right about that one. We've grown accustomed to one another. So now -- if Scully calls me by my first name -- even though I still don't like it -- it doesn't really bother me..." "In fact, for the most part, I take it in stride." "And not to mention -- I dish out as good as she does..." Just after he said that, he smiled at his partner mischeviously and said... "Let's turn in..." "Oh Mulder..." She sighed and reciprocated the smile back at him. "Ok..." "Good night, you two..."
They went into the bedroom and closed the door. The younger pair then went down to the guest bedroom. They looked around it and saw two twin beds. "Oh good..." Scully said to him. "You take the one nearest the door..." "And I'll take this one..." she said as she started to sit down on it. He chuckled and said... "Good night Scully..." "Good night Mulder..." she said back to him with a smile forming on her face.
As the night continued on... they heard some laughter... and the sounds of two people bound together as one. Mulder chuckled and said... "Those two are thicker than thieves -- aren't they?" Scully chuckled in return and said... "Yea they most certainly seem to be that way..." Mulder grinned at that remark and let out a low, yet appreciative whistle. "Hey Scully...," he said to her quietly. "Do you ever think that this future will ever come to pass?" "I'm not sure about that, Mulder... we can never be sure about these things." "But if what our future selves said is true -- how would you handle it?" he asked her, his voice full of curiosity. "Hmm -- good question Mulder... and I guess that's one road I'll come to along with you if indeed it does happen." Mulder chuckled and grinned. "Well... I certainly hope that it does..." "Now why is that, Mulder?" she asked him. "There's no one better than yourself -- that I'd rather spend my time with... aside from... you-know..." "Mulder... why do you even keep your company with that stuff?" "Old habit -- I guess Scully... along with my insomnia..." "That's mainly why I have that aforementioned habit anyways..." Scully chuckled and said to him... "Oh I see..." "Well get rid of it..." "I've tried to, Scully... but it's hard to..." "But maybe, just maybe -- being with you will be enough to break me of it..." He said the last part with complete earnestness.
"Ah... well thanks for your honesty, Mulder." "We'll definitely have to wait and see on that one though -- since things aren't what they will possibly be yet, Mulder..." "It's not that I don't trust you... it's just that I sense that there's still some wild oats that you want to sow... alongside said habit... and until both things are done with..." "I'll be unsure of things between us... not that I don't care about you though, Mulder." Mulder sighed, looked at her and then nodded his head in understanding. "Guess I still have quite a bit of growing up to do then..." he said with a chuckle. "Guess you do..." she said back to him with a laugh.
Meanwhile... in the main bedroom... Mulder was keeping Scully company... one of the best ways he knew how to... by spooning with her. "Mulder..." she said while laughing... "You're tickling me..." "I know... Scully... I know...," he said, while continuing to kiss her neck and shoulders. "Those two -- reminded me so much of our past..." she said to him, as he embraced her waist. "Yea I know..." he said with a chuckle. "They certainly make me appreciate every moment that I have with you..." he said to her, while kissing her ear. She turned around and kissed him deeply. He was happier than he had been for awhile... and so was she.
"Mulder..." she said... reclining back onto his chest -- "Thanks for the appreciation." "You're very welcome... Scully. And thanks for keeping me company after all these years." Scully smiled, turned her head and kissed his chest. "No problem and besides in the end you're worth it. I wouldn't trade you or this life for anything." "It's been one heck of a ride and I wouldn't change one thing..." "And -- I like how things turned out..." She said that, while putting her hand on his chest and looking up at him with a smile on her face. He put his hand over hers and smiled back at her in return. They fell asleep in each others' arms as the night rolled on.
Morning came early... and Mulder nuzzled Scully's cheek to wake her... "Oh Mulder..." she said, while trying to stifle a chuckle. "It's still really early..." "I know... I know..." he said, while starting to chuckle himself. "I just wanted to play a little before the kids wake up... if you know what I mean..." he continued, while waggling his eyebrows at her. She started to laugh... and then kissed him deeply just to shut herself up. "Oh Scully -- this is a surprise..." he said, while returning the kiss in kind. "I really love it when you take the initiative..." She smiled at him and said, "Well you've certainly helped make me more bold when it comes down to it..." She looked at him mischievously and then kissed him somemore.
He didn't want the moment to end... it was just pure bliss. But early morning was waining now... and pretty soon the younger versions of themselves would be up as well. He put his arm around her waist and squeezed her. She giggled softly and put her arm on his. She yawned slightly and said, "Well we better get moving..." "I don't want to move just yet..." he said to her, while kissing her neck. "I know... I know...," she said while grinning. "I don't want to either -- but we do have company..." "And they'll have to get moving as well..." He sighed deeply and kissed her tenderly. "Ok... but..." he said to her, with an impish grin coming across his face. "You have to shower with me..." Scully sighed, rolled her eyes and grinned impishly back at him. "Ok..." she said to him. "But on one condition..." "What's that?" he asked her curiously. "You have to do the dishes..." He groaned slightly, and then chuckled. "Oh, well that seems fair enough, Scully..." "I look forward to you joining me..." They both left their bedroom and crossed over to the bathroom.
Meanwhile -- over in the guest room... the younger pair started to wake up. Mulder yawned and rubbed his eyes. Scully soon followed suit. "Did you get a good night's sleep, Scully?" Mulder asked her. "Somewhat of one..." she replied back to him. "Yourself, Mulder?" He chuckled at the question. "Surprisingly Scully, I slept for most of the night..." "So I guess that these two must have Serta Sleep Number beds in their house or something..." Scully chuckled at that remark and said, "Yea Mulder -- that must be it -- because I didn't even hear you snore..." He sat up, and threw a pillow at her. Scully chuckled at him and then threw a pillow back at him. "Mulder, Mulder, Mulder..." she said to him, while shaking her head. "You'll never change, won't you?" "Nope I won't Scully..." he said back to her with an impish grin on his face.
She laughed at him and got moving towards the bedroom door. Mulder followed suit soon after. They came out of the bedroom to the sound of the shower running and of two people talking, kidding around and laughing. Mulder laughed. "What's so funny, Mulder?" she asked him, with an interested look on her face. "Just the sound of these two having fun, Scully..." "If that's in part what our life together will be like -- then sign me up..." He said that to her with a big grin on his face. Scully rolled her eyes and chuckled at his remark. "Mulder -- the day that happens will be the day when frogs sleep in sleeping bags..." He chuckled and said, "Well from the sound of those two -- it seems as if that day has come..." Scully laughed and stretched. "Well maybe... and I wouldn't mind if our future did turn out this way." "You wouldn't?" Mulder said to her with a grin. "No I wouldn't -- just the two of us -- with a good roof over our heads..." She grinned at the thought of it.
"Well I guess we'll be standing out here in the hallway for awhile now, Scully... considering how long those two are taking..." "They're bound to turn into two wrinkled toads at the pace they're going..." Scully chuckled and said, "Well it is their house, Mulder... so they can take as long as they want to in the shower..." He laughed at her comment and said... "I know -- but I have to go to the bathroom..." "You could go outside, Mulder..." He laughed and said... "I guess I could..." And just as he turned to go and do just that -- the older versions of them came out in an embrace. "Oh my god..." Mulder said, as he broke into laughter. "I'm so sorry..." he said to the both of them. "No problem..." his older self said. "You can go in now..." "And from the looks of things -- the both of you have been waiting here for sometime now." "You'd most certainly be right there..." he said back to him with a chuckle. "You're most certainly one lucky woman there..." he said to the older Scully. "Yea I most certainly am..." she said to him, while kissing his older counterpart on the cheek.
He went into the bathroom and shut the door, took a quick shower and got dressed. "You can come in now, Scully..." he said to her with a grin. "Ok Mulder...," she said. "Now leave... unlike our older selves... I prefer to take a shower by myself..." He laughed at that remark and left the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and shut the door. She then took a quick shower and got dressed.
She came out of the bathroom and looked for Mulder. "You've got to be kidding me..." she heard him say, as their older counterparts were telling him stories of their past. They were all sitting in the living room -- laughing their butts off. "Can I join?" She asked them, with a grin. "Sure... sure..." They both said to her. She sat down next to him and listened to what they were talking about. "So... what was the weirdest case that the both of you have ever worked on?" he asked them with a grin. "Hmm..." the older Scully said, while thinking. "Well... that one case that had to do with the genie..." "Jenniah, Scully... jenniah..." the older Mulder said to her. "Genie, jenniah... they both seem the same to me, Mulder." she said back to him with a laugh. "They both grant wishes..." Mulder laughed and said to her, "Speaking of wishes... at least that one particular genie/jenniah granted my wish..." He said that last part with love in his voice, and then he turned and kissed her on the cheek. Scully smiled and returned the kiss. "Also, that invisible man that came from it..." Mulder said to them. "Yea I remember that..." she said with a chuckle.
"I pretty much made a fool of myself there... since the guy's brother made a wish to bring him back to life..." Mulder started to laugh. "Yea as a zombie -- nonetheless." "So in the end -- that guy's wish didn't exactly turn out as he wanted it to..." "Yea I guess so, Mulder..." "And it was too bad -- I was that close (she put her thumb and forefinger about an inch apart) to showing those scientists from Harvard an invisible man..." She sighed and then laughed. "So... anyone up for some breakfast?" the older Scully asked. "I can have Mulder here make it..." The older Mulder sighed, rolled his eyes and grinned. "Yes I can..." "How does green eggs and ham sound ?" he said to them jokingly, with a grin on his face.

They all started to laugh at the question. "Sure..." the younger Mulder said, with a silly grin on his face, much to his cohort's chagrin. The older Mulder laughed at his response. "Well we're not having that... we'll be having omelettes..." The younger Scully let out a sigh of relief. "Oh darn..." the younger Mulder said with a chuckle. "I really thought you were going to make that." "I would have gotten a kick out of seeing my partner here squirm..." "Right, Scully..." he said, as he nudged her ribs with his elbow. She rolled her eyes at him and laughed. "Yea I certainly would have done just that... Mulder." She said that with a bit of sarcasm entering her voice. The older pair laughed at their younger counterparts bantering.

Breakfast went on as planned -- with the older Mulder making omelettes. "Um... that smells good..." his younger counterpart said, with a grin on his face. The older Mulder laughed and said, "Well I'm glad your nose likes the smell of my cooking... because Scully's nose is really picky..." The older Scully glared at him, and then stuck her tongue out. "Hey now... whenever I cook..." she said to him simply, "Your nose reacts in the same way... it's just as dang picky..." "Well Scully... your cooking is most certainly... unique..." "Well so is yours, Mulder..." she said that with a chuckle. "I remember one time when he was fixing some dinner -- he overcooked it by mistake..." she said with a laugh, "and caused a small fire..." "Even the firefighters noses were picky..." The younger pair chuckled at the story, and the older Mulder glared at his partner and stuck his tongue out at her. "Now why did you have to share that story..." he said to her. "It was a good one..." she said while chuckling. "And at least our house didn't burn down." "I can be thankful for that..." she said to him, while getting up, kissing him on the cheek and hugging him gently.

He sighed and grinned. "Ah Scully, you always know the way to my heart..." He kissed her back on her cheek and finished making the omelettes. "Who wants the ones with eyeballs in it?" he asked everyone with a slightly mischievious grin on his face. "Eww... you've got to be kidding me..." the younger Scully said, with a look of slight disgust crossing her face. "Oh, Mulder...," she said while sighing. "Oh, gee... what did I do, Scully?" he said, with a quizzical look on his face. She chuckled and said, "Nothing really... I was just reacting to you being yourself..." The older pair chuckled at the comment.

"What's so funny?," the younger pair asked them in unison. "Just the sight of you two interacting... I've kind of forgotten how we used to banter..." "Not that we don't banter back and forth anymore..." "We still do -- only now it's somewhat different -- like a couple..." she said with a laugh. "An old married one... might I add...," the younger Mulder said with a chuckle. Both Scully's turned around and gave him the 'look'... "Oh shi-, I'm in trouble now, aren't I?," he said, with a wary look on his face. "Oh yes you are, Mulder...," the younger Scully said to him, an impish grin coming across her face.

She turned to her older counterpart and said, "Do you mind if my partner here helps with the dishes?" "Oh no... I don't mind...," she said back to her while laughing. "He can help my man out here... he was supposed to do them..." "But it wouldn't hurt if he had some help." She said this with a mischevious tone to her voice. The older Mulder chuckled. "Guess we're both on dish cleaning duty today then..." "Way to dig yourself a hole there..." he said to him. "Do I still do that in the future?," the younger Mulder asked him. "Do what?" "Dig holes, metaphoric ones... that is?" "Yep..." "I may be older and some what wiser... but I still manage to say some stupid things every now and then." The older Scully chuckled at that and said, "Oh yes you do, Mulder..." "And that's in part what makes you, you..." "Are you calling me a you-you, Scully?" She started laughing so hard that she snorted. "No I'm not..." "I was just saying that when you say stupid things... that it's part of who you are -- what makes you unique..."

"Oh I see...," he said back to her, as he flung a spoonful of omelette at her. She shook her head and grinned. "Thanks you two..." "For what?" the younger Mulder asked her. "For bringing out my man's silly side..." Sure he's playful -- but it's been awhile since he's been so silly...," she said to him with a grin, while wiping off the omelette off her face. The older Mulder smiled at her and said, "I'm glad that I could be at your service, honey..." The older Scully laughed and said, "Well thanks for it, Mulder... it's truly appreciated..." "I'm really glad when you're silly... it's nice to see that side of you come out every now and then..."

The older Mulder grinned and then blew a raspberry at her. She laughed and grinned. Both of the Mulders got up and collected the dishes, cups and silverware and did the dishes... with both Scullys laughing in the background. "Wow...," the younger Mulder said. "It's heading towards noon now..." "We'd better be going... we still have to find our way back to our own time..." "So soon...," the older Mulder said to him. "We're getting used to the company..." He sighed and then continued, "this house will be that much more quiet again -- it'll take a lot of getting used to..." "We're going to miss the both of you..." "Aren't we Scully..." "Yea...," she said to him. "You two have been fun to be around -- a true reminder of what we used to be like -- not that it's been bad in anyway..." "In fact -- it helped to bring out parts of ourselves that we've forgotten about after all these years..." "I'd like to thank the both of you for that."
The younger pair grinned. "You're welcome..." the younger Scully said back to her. "It's definitely been interesting learning about our future..." "Heck yea -- it has been Scully..." "Who would have ever thought that we would become parents?" "I certainly wouldn't have..." "Or that we'd even get together and then one day live together..." "Woah things have certainly turned out way different then I'd ever thought they would..." He grinned at his cohort and laughed. "Yea, they certainly have, Mulder..." "And from the looks of things -- for the most part -- we will be happy together..." She grinned at him and laughed. "Thanks you two, for putting up with the both of us..." she said. "It's no problem..." her older counterpart said. "Do either of you need any help in getting back to where you came from?" she asked her. "Yea, now that you mention it..." "We have no idea how to get back..." her younger counterpart said to her, with a quizzical look on her face. And with that comment -- the four of them went out from the house and into the brave unknown... all to help find a way back home.
The End... (or is it?)

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