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Hes December 12th, 2010 1:37 pm

Stockholm Terrorist Attacks
Stockholm blasts: Sweden probes 'terrorist attack'Two explosions in Sweden's capital Stockholm are being investigated as a "crime of terror", officials say.

A car blew up in a busy shopping area on Saturday afternoon, followed moments later by a second explosion nearby. Witnesses said a man found dead after the second blast had been carrying an explosive device. Two people were hurt.

Police are investigating an e-mail sent shortly before the blasts threatening attacks because Sweden had sent troops to Afghanistan.

Sweden has some 500 soldiers deployed in Afghanistan as part of the international military force. Police are trying to work out whether the explosions were an isolated attack or part of a larger conspiracy, says the BBC's Steve Evans in Stockholm...

[...]the nature of the explosions does look similar to previous attempted attacks in New York, Glasgow and London, says the BBC's defence and security correspondent, Nick Childs.
full bbc article

In the email send before the attacks they called for "mujahideen" - or Islamist fighters - to rise up in Sweden and Europe, promising Swedes would "die like our brothers and sisters".

We haven't had any attacks by muslim extremists for some time now (in Europe I should add). Any thoughts on if this terrorist cell might be operating in a wider network of terrorist cells in Europe? Should we expect more attacks or is this an incident?

Grymmditch December 12th, 2010 6:41 pm

Re: Stockholm Terrorist Attacks
I think it's weird. There are certainly other nations with far more troops than 500, yet they targeted Sweden.. maybe it was just a target of opportunity?

Not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but it is funnily coincidental that Sweden just arrested Julian Assange on those rape charges. I figured I'd throw that out there, because someone would, sooner or later.

Kautta December 12th, 2010 8:10 pm

Re: Stockholm Terrorist Attacks

Originally Posted by Grymmditch (Post 5668249)
I think it's weird. There are certainly other nations with far more troops than 500, yet they targeted Sweden.. maybe it was just a target of opportunity?

I would say that the Swedish artist Lars Vilks and his drawings of the prophet Muhammed had something to do with it.

Tibbetts December 12th, 2010 10:57 pm

Re: Stockholm Terrorist Attacks
They probably targeted Sweden as no one would expect it. Tactically speaking, it was a wise move. In one stroke - if this was an Islamic supported attack - they have told Europe they are willing to strike the weakest/unlikeliest of places. And proven that they can do so.

Will it encourage others to do the same? I don't know. It's probable, of course, as there are nutty people everywhere who would do it just to be a "rebel" or an "ant-(take your pick)'.


Alastor December 13th, 2010 5:56 am

Re: Stockholm Terrorist Attacks
The threat mail sent to the Swedish news agency TT 10 minutes before actually did mention Lars Vilks. Also the fact that the guy did live in Sweden may have something to do with his choice of target.

Anyway we don't know yet if this guy acted alone or was a part of a greater plan.

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