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Morgoth June 4th, 2005 1:50 pm

The CoS Forums Hall of Fame: Honor Roll
'If your contribution has been vital there will always be...'

The Honor Roll is a dedicated old CoSonian table of staff who have contributed to this site in one form or another over the years, some of whom have long sinced moved on from the forums and some of whom still post and show up from time to time. The idea is that when a member of staff stands down from their duties they get a spot in The Honor Roll. This is not a position of responsibility, none are required to do anything or even log on but just because they are no longer here, does not mean we forget what they did for the forums.

You can see the full list altogether on the Forum Leaders page, here. The list below will also be added to from time to time, as staff come and go.

Administrators / Departmental Heads

Sherlock Holmes - profile
Jessica - profile
Alex - profile
rotsiepots - profile
Steve - (Co-founder CoS Forums)
Valerie - (Co-founder CoS Forums)

Professors / Unspeakables

Anne - profile
cathairetic - profile
daniel4hp - profile
Doug - profile
Emerson - profile (owner and founder of MuggleNet)
Emma - profile
grrliz - profile
GryffndorBeater - profile
hermy_weasley2 - profile
HogwartsChaplain - profile
IndyPotter - profile (Co-founder of CoS Forums)
JenBluffheid - profile
Jinxie Cat - profile
JofpGallagher - profile
Lash Dresden - profile
Loz - profile
leenielou - profile
MadMagic - profile
- profile
pasalita - profile
PastorPotter - profile
Picko - profile
Qeomash - profile
runitsandrew - profile
Tarawyn - profile
Weatherby - profile

Prefects / Aurors

atherella - profile
Benzo - profile
Cat - profile
Da da da da da86 - profile
Divi - profile
Doggy - profile
Drusilla - profile
dumbleedore - profile
Fuchsia - profile
Inkwolf - profile
kala_way - profile
- profile
Kendra - profile
kingwidgit - profile
Kneazle - profile
MagpieOnaga - profile
mariebeth83 - profile
Mireille - profile
Nicole - profile
Pegasus - profile
periwinkle-blue - profile
PhoenixUK - profile
raeredeyes - profile
Tonks - profile

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